The Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) and the Association for Turkish Women in Mathematics (TKMD) have signed a collaboration agreement

The Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) and the Association for Turkish Women in Mathematics (TKMD) has signed an agreement of collaboration. RSME recognize the members of TKMD to become Reciprocity Members of RSME with a 50% reduced annual fee of RSME membership. If you would like to become a Reciprocity Member of RSME, please send an email to
Within the framework of this agreement, both societies agreed to exchange any periodical publications,
exchange invitations for all relevant activities organized by each society, keep frequent contacts aimed to the study and solving of problems associated with teaching, research and promotion of mathematics,organize a joint meetings, carry out necessary tasks to facilitate the exchange of researchers and graduate students between both countries.
To better facilitate the tasks of the signed agreement, both societies  seek to gather information on the Spanish and Turkish mathematicians who has/had been collaborating. Hence, TKMD is requesting its members that work with Spanish researchers to fill up the data form “Data on Spanish-Turkish Collaboration in Mathematics” which can be accessed at: 


Our Member Sinem Çelik Onaran has been one of the 31 TUBA-Gebip award winner of 2016. We congratulate her.





 ekinozmanEkin Özman has been one of the 48 BAGEP award winner of 2016. We congratulate her.




3rd Women and Science Meeting which is held in Çorum by the support of Hitit University and TSO Çorum got local media attention.


The conference “Women in Numbers Europe-2”  will be held in 25 September – 2 October 2016, at Nesin Mathematics Village, Turkey. For details you may visit the link.

2nd Workshop of Women Mathematicians which is held in Sivas by the support of Cumhuriyet University got local media attention.IMG-20150502-WA0004-1 IMG-20150502-WA0005-1-1



Prof. Mustafa Parlar Science Award has been given to Prof. Münevver Tezer from METU.




report on activities of Association for Turkish Women in  Mathematics has been published in the Newsletter no:25 of EWM.



In 2014,  Maryam Mirzakhani has become the first woman to win the Fields Medal, the most prestigious prize in mathematics. We congratulate her.